Front Porch Entertainment and Catering services offers the best in Harper City.

Are you planning to come to Harper, Maryland County on a vacation or business trip and worried about where you can feelĀ  conveniently at home?

Well, you can make a one stop at Front Porch Entertainment and Catering Center located on Stadium Road, not too far from the Alexander Tubman Airfield.

At Front Porch we offer the following services:

  • Grilled fish with plantains and French fries
  • Wine and chilly cold alcoholic and energy beverages
  • Organize weddings and birthday parties
  • Catering services for weddings, workshops, and parties of all kinds.

For more information on our affordable prizes, contact Mrs. Alice Kesseh at cell number 0886601564.
At Front Porch, your comfort and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Phone - (+231) 886.836.703

East Harper, Maryland County

Republic of Liberia