Fortune shines on Southeasterners - As Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers Embarks on Empowerment Program
By George K. Momo ( 0880303757-0777758095 / gmomo@selnanews.com )

Barclay Ville, Grand Kru County - A local non-governmental, non-for Profit, non-political organization, Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers has embarked on series of activities aimed at improving the lives of Liberians in South East Liberia.

In an interview with reporter George Momo recently, (FERD) Executive Director Jonah S. Toe said his organization is working in rural communities in the South, especially with inaccessible communities, with the purpose of improving the lives of rural dwellers.

The Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers’ Executive Director disclosed that the organization is working in various thematic areas, including women, children, and the elderly.  

He said the group , for now , has  launched intervention in the areas of constructing schools, clinics, and roads in the south eastern region particularly Grand Kru County.

Jonah S. Toe said the organization is presently in Boa Gilatike, Foboi, Doboi, Garraway, Tren District, Bewan, and Barclay Ville where the organization headquarters is situated.

He named Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter Coleman as Board chairman adding that Dr. Coleman is the brain behind the Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers. The director also revealed that senator Coleman wants to see the lives of local dwellers in south east Liberia improved at the gauge that could have it compared to standard of living in places like the national capital, Monrovia.

FERD Executive Director also described Senator Coleman as a philanthropist and a man who in his endeavor wants to transform the living conditions of South Easterners. The director furthered that is currently  lobbying for funding from donors, and partners for the smooth operations of the organization.

The Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers was established in 2014 August with motto: Empowering Rural inhabitants for self-help started serious business barley two years ago.

The organization over the years build several kilometers roads which has linked over 25 towns and villages to the Grand Kru capital, Barclayville. The constructed roads by the local based organization have caused an enabling environment for farmers to have easy access to farm to market roads, thus saving their products after harvest.

Recently the organization Board Chairman, Dr. Senator Peter Coleman, broke ground for the construction of Yahn Cooper Jiglakeypor elementary and junior high school.

Mr. Toe, however, disclosed that a proposal has been written to a donor whose name he did not mentioned, but said the donor response was positive and it will enable the organization to extend its arms to Maryland, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, and Sinoek Counties.

“When the people are impacted by development, they are very much at peace, and FERD cards are on the table to continue to venture into development in the south east, the Executive Director maintained.’’  

The Foundation for Empowerment of Rural Dwellers in her staff policy has zero in on violence against women and children, and FERD has promised to take action against those who will carry on any form of violence against children and women.
Jonah S. Toe said the organization is working with partners including CHAL Liberia, USAID, and others to stop Sexual and Gender Base Violence against girls and women.

Mr. Toe added that FERD looks forward to see communities situated in South East when   inhabitants will no more be called rural dwellers, adding this status will gradually transform  by service deliveries that will empower community dwellers. He described the future state of communities his foundation works with as the end of the thunder with light.
The Group is, however, expected to shortly work with the youth and women groups in Sinoe County to create motor roads that will linked over 12 towns and villages.


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