Maryland Supt. calls for more support to the county Health Sector.
By George K. Momo ( 0880303757-0777758095 / gmomo@selnanews.com )

Harper, Maryland County - Maryland County Superintendent is launching an SOS call to partners for the strengthening of the county's health sector.

Honorable Betsy Kuoh-Toe call comes in a wake of the European Union withdrawal from supporting national and local government, particularly the country's Health sector.

The European Union through the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as partner has been supporting several components of the county health sector over the years.

The European Union founded projects placed a spot light on mental health, maternal motility, and construction of several District health offices among others.

The Maryland County Superintendent in a meeting with the European Union's Ambassador during her recent visit to the county lauded the EU for their support to the people of Liberia through her partners particularly in the Southeastern region.
Madam Kouh-Toe lamented that the present improvement in the county health sector is as a result of support from partners the county authority is working with in order to get things done for the good of the Liberian People.

She said despite the fact that EU is closing down her support on the many projects she is funding in Liberia, she is appealing for the extension of the mental health, maternal mortality components of her project.

Madam Betsy Kuoh-Toe further stated that the mental health component of the EU program has brought a great change in the county, adding that it has reduced the number on mentally ill persons who were seen roaming around the streets, particularly in the county's Capital.

For her part, the European Union Ambassador Tina Italman lauded the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Partners in Health (PIH) for successfully implementing her funded projects in the Southeastern region.

Madam Italman said, the purpose of her visit to the southeast was to see with her eyes how far EU funded projects in the region are impacting the lives of the Liberian people and what component of EU project in the county needed keen attention as the program is expected to close in the period of five months.

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