Man, 48 mobbed to Death in Pleebo Maryland
By George K. Momo ( 0880303757-0777758095 / gmomo@selnanews.com )

Pleebo, Maryland- A man identified as John Dennis was on Wednesday March 8, 2017 beaten to death in the Zone 4 B community by angry crowd.

According to information gathered by our reporter from the community, the deceased was allegedly accused of attempting to kidnap a one year seven months old girl child.   

Speaking to SELNA reporters in Pleebo after the incidence, the mother of the girl only identified as Patience said she saw the deceased with her daughter and while interrogating him he attempted running away.

The act which she said led several community dwellers to chase after him when she alarmed. The 48 years old man was arrested and taken to home of the zone chairman Mr. George Sackie for investigation.

During investigation at home of the Zone chairman , John Dennis before his murder said he went to the community to visit a friend but did not meet the friend, and while on his way back he saw this little girl and try playing with her.

"While I was playing with the girl her mother saw me and started yelling "Gboyo", and because I was afraid I try running and group of guys caught me and brought me here", stated John Dennis during the investigation before his death.

Also speaking to our reporter in a separate interview, the zone chairman George Sackie said after they both explained he decided to get the Liberian National police involved, but the angry crowd intensified. They beat on him and forcibly took  away John Dennis  and beat him to death. The mob also destroyed the home of  Mr. Sackie and wounded one of  his community members.

Meanwhile, Police in the county are investigating the matter to ensure perpetrators are brought to book and allow the due course of the law take its place.

Alleged ritualistic activities is said to be on the increase in Pleebo Sodoken District.

Recently, a security contractor of Cavalla Rubber Plantation Edward William age 47 went missing on 9 February 2017 while he was on duty, and few days following his mysterious disappearance, his lifeless body was discovered in the bush. Jury report provided proved that the man's penis and both ears were omitted, and the right arm was disconnected.

The most recent alleged ritualistic act in Pleebo City was a mentally ill woman identified as Elizabeth Sinner, age 38 who was lying in a nearby school building in Debil Ville Community and some unknown men went there and allergy attempted cutting off her ears and to extract parts from her side.

Her yelling drew the attention of the community dwellers, but before they got on the scene the unknown men absconded the scene while the lady was seen in a pool of blood. She was immediately rushed to the health center and was treated.

Meanwhile, several citizens of Pleebo Sodoken Statutory District told news men that they are now living in fear and want the government of Liberia to come to their aid. Recent report gathered by SELNA Times in Maryland reveals that the mother of the alleged kidnap girl only identified as Patience has been arrested by the Liberia National Police and is undergoing interrogation.

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