National Human Rights Action Plan of Liberia Not Popularized
By George K. Momo ( 0880303757-0777758095 / gmomo@selnanews.com )

Harper, Maryland County - A two days workshop for judicial actors in River Gee, Grand Kru, and Maryland Counties on the implementation of the National human rights action plan has ended in Harper City.

The workshop brought together county attorneys, Superintendents, Gender coordinators, civil society organizations, among others.

According to the Director for Legislative Assistance on treaty matters and laws of the Independent National Human Rights Nathaniel Solo, the purpose of the workshop is to decentralize the National Human Rights Action Plan of Liberia.
Nathaniel Solo said, NAHRAL is a five years action plan by the government of Liberia intended to go about achieving and protecting the human rights of citizens and those residing in Liberia.

He said, the INHR has realized that the action plan has not been popularized and it is against this backdrop that the Commission has embarked on the nationwide tour to ensure that the action plan is decentralized.

Speaking to SELNA Times in Harper, Nathaniel Solo said, the National Human Rights Action Plan for Liberia has been in existence since 2013, but the role of the INHR is to monitor and ensure that the plan is implemented.

The two days NAHRAL workshop taught participants on actuality of the National Human Rights Action plan and the role of government institutions to ensure that the plan is implemented.

For his part, the City solicitor of Barclay Ville Chris Teah, lauded the Independent National Human Right Commission for the workshop on the action plan of the government of Liberia.

The Barclay Ville City Solicitor said, the knowledge acquired from the two days’ workshop will enable him to fully carry on his functions in the county.

Chris Teah also disclosed that there are several components in the judicial system of Grand Kru County that are not working.

He named the lack of correction centers, and the failure of the defense team to visit magisterial courts in the county as issues that are posing setback to the full implementation of their duties and making state prosecutors and magistrates to decide on the faith of some defendants

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